Green Tea With Jasmine

The name jasmine did not strike me at first as herbs but rather as the name of one of my favorite cartoon characters…do you remember Aladdin and the magic lamp? Yeah, I did not think you did. Incase you are clueless just Google. I thought she was just spectacular just like her name. Jasmine is more than just a beautiful name. It also refers to some herbs used for making tea and many other herbal remedies. Most herbal teas are made from the leaves of herbs and the consumers often get to benefit from the use of the herb while taking the tea. The jasmine herb was more popular in China before the world got the benefits of the herb. For more than a millennium, the Chinese used this herb to make teas for themselves and as a herbal remedy. What makes jasmine even more special is the use of the jasmine herb and flower to make teas which gives many health benefits to the users of the plants.

Jasmine had many uses that the Chinese had been benefiting from in the past 1000 years of existence of the herb. Jasmine has some anticancer properties and is famous among people that are genetically predisposed to suffer from this disease. It is also an anti-aging herb and for the reductions of hypertension and other blood circulation illnesses. If you live in a cold climate and you are constantly coughing and wheezing, you have the perfect remedy in jasmine. It can be used to prevent the occurrence of flu and boost the immunity of a person.

There is a good reason why Jasmine is popular amongst senior citizens: it is used to heal joint and muscle pain. Arthritis pain can be reduced by some jasmine herbs. Jasmine herbs contain fluoride which is a constituent of toothpastes and used to prevent tooth decay as well. It is used to fight stomach and gastric ulcers and is a well known anti-depressant. Obesity is a national illness in the United States and green tea with jasmine has been known to help people fight body fat.

If you did not have enough reasons to change your herbal tea to jasmine, there you have them. You will have to drink at least three cups f jasmine tea daily to benefit from the many benefits of the herbs.