Green White Tea

In the present day tea drinkers number millions in the world, and there have been flavors and additions in tea. However the original tea is only of few different types, the tea drink can be prepared from tea dried leaves, green leaves, tea dust. These days tea is available in tea bags also which makes it easier to prepare the tea drink.

Green tea is prepared by boiling the green tea leaves with water, and this form of tea is very common among the Chinese. They were the ones who first introduced the western world this form of tea drink. It is said that the green tea has medicinal values and it is considered as a medicinal herb even in ancient times. Recent researchers say that consuming green tea reduces the risk of cancer, the research is proved valid. The research was carried out among smokers to see if tea drinking reduces the risk of cancer. And to their surprise, indeed the green tea has medicinal powers and it can reduce the risk of cancer. Hence it is also true that green tea was used as a medicinal herb in china.

Green tea is said to improve the quality of the health of people who are affected with skin cancer or other type of skin problems.

White tea is another form of tea; the source tea leaf is the same which is known botanically as Camellia sinensis. The difference lies in the method of processing the tea leaves. In green tea, the tea leaves are almost fresh and they undergo only very little oxidation. The white tea is the type where the grass smell of the tea leaf is allowed to go and oxidation is carried out up to an extent. The white tea also has its own medicinal values and a special flavor, the white tea is said to possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities. It is not advised to prepare white tea in boiling water; the temperature is to be kept little low.

White tea can be used against the growth of bacteria or certain kinds of virus, researchers say that white tea can be used to treat against tumor. Green and white tea possesses certain similar qualities, but there are certain minor differences. White tea can be used effectively against the viruses which cause cavities; consumption of white tea can result in improving the immune system of a person.