Health Benefits Tea

Tea is considered the healthiest beverage there is. Despite coffee being a favorite for the many working folks that like jumpstarting their day on a high note with caffeine, tea is much better when it comes to doing your body good. The recommended number of cups per day is about 5, though personal preference is what determines ones limits.

When it comes to the list of benefits itself, on top is the antioxidant properties of tea. Tea leaves contain polyphenols which are antioxidants. The body accumulates so many free radicals from its own natural processes like metabolism. Environmental pollutants like smoke from cigarettes do sometimes find their way into our bodies. With time, these disrupt the working of the immune system as well as accelerate the process of aging. And that is why drinking your regular cups of tea a day will not only boost your immunity, but will also slow aging.

Tea also boosts mental alertness. The bare specifics are a bit complex, but the basic of it is that there is an amino acid in tea leaves that is able to reach the brain and increase brain wave activity. That's why tea is considered a good coffee replacement in the morning because it can give you an alert state of mind, or in other words, wake you up in the morning.

Tea also has anti-cancer characteristics. When it comes to stomach cancer, or generally cancer of the gastro-intestinal tract, drinking tea considerably lowers the risk of getting any one of these. It also lowers the blood cholesterol levels (the bad kind of cholesterol), which in turn lowers blood pressure. From a general point of view, it can be said that tea is good for the cardiovascular system. Research suggests that avid tea drinkers have lesser chances of getting heart diseases.

Tea is also a good antidepressant. Green tea is credited to that since drinkers were observed to display lesser depressive symptoms in comparison to those who took none at all. When it comes to treating certain bacterial and fungal infections, extracts from tea, more so from white tea do help a great deal. The polyphenols in tea discourage the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity which cause bad breath.

In a nutshell, there is so much that you can expect from tea. Some of the health benefits vary depending on the type of tea in question- black, white, and green- but there is a lot to expect from each of them.