Herbal Green Tea

There are several thousand tea types and blends available and green tea itself has several varieties and the blends are endless. One type of green tea is herbal green tea and even herbal green tea has different varieties. Simply put, all teas may come from the same plant, with the exception of some of the herbal teas or coffee leaf tea, it depends on where the plant is grown, what time of year it is harvested and how it is processed that determines they type of tea.

In the West we like our tea fermented thoroughly to increase the amount of caffeine in it and we don't generally worry about how healthy the tea is. Herbal teas are grown and processed with a specific goal in mind and that is to keep the natural benefits as intact as possible while still preserving or even enhancing the flavor.

One type of herbal green tea is called macha and is grown in the shade and is grown on poles that are lined up in rows. Woven grass mats are placed on the framing poles to create the necessary shade. This technique is used mostly to create a tea called Gyokuro because it is shaded during the last three weeks prior to harvesting. Once the leaves are harvested they are either pan fired or steamed to prevent the enzymes from breaking down. The leaves are rolled and dried in the hot air to reduce the moisture levels further. Rolling is done differently with different teas. Some are rolled tight and some are dried open. Once the leaves are thoroughly they are sorted into different sizes using sifting boxes with different sized holes. The higher quality teas will come from the larger leaves. The dried and sorted leaves are then ground into powder and the left over powder is used for teabags.

Herbal green tea is basically a blend of one type of green tea with a mixture of herbs and spices. Like regular herbal tea, different types of green tea are used and also different types of herbs to bring out a different tastes and aromas. Different blends of herbal green tea have different medicinal effects also. Remember that the health benefits of any tea, or herbal infusion, depend on the contents of the blend.