Herbal Laxative Tea

People like herbal products, as our ancestors, doctors and health experts recommend herbal products over other synthetic food items. It is true that herbal products most often help enhance our good health and do not harm body organs in any way. Nevertheless, all the herbal products are not true herbal items just because they are carrying labels certifying them as true herbal products. When people who have no expertise, or, when dishonest people start manufacturing herbal products just as a means of earning money, harmful herbal foodstuff appear on the market.

Herbal laxative tea is one such food item that is imitated with synthetic and harmful products. For example, unscrupulous manufacturers use herbal parts such as rhubarb roots and senna leaves to manufacture herbal laxative tea. Such ingredients could harm the body when taken in excess. The FDA once reported four deaths caused by consumption of a herbal tea diet which had been produced improperly.

As researches have shown, herbal laxative tea acts in the intestine only after the food consumed have been digested. The usage of herbal laxative tea as a drink may not support slimming. The FDA confirmed this assumption with a study made in 1995. In addition, when you take herbal laxative tea regularly, you may get addicted to it. Furthermore, excessive consumption of herbal laxative tea may eventually cause severe constipation as well.

Many over-the-counter herbal laxative tea products could cause similar side effects. If you need to have desirable results by taking good herbal laxative tea you should be very careful with your selection. There are two types of herbal laxative tea. While one is a stimulant, the other soothes the intestine.

The stimulant laxatives are products that have ingredients such as rhubarb root, buckthorn, aloe, cascara, castor oil and senna leaves. The FDA warns the producers of herbal laxative tea to put labels informing consumers of the ingredients used.

As an alternative for these unhygienic products, you can have a herbal laxative tea type that has soothing ingredients such as milk thistle. You should read the label carefully when buying an herbal laxative tea to know whether there are high herbal stimulants. Avoid using them completely and buy a milder one. When using herbal laxative tea, you have to drink much water and have a balanced diet rich with whole grains, fiber, vegetables and fruits. In addition, exercise regularly, as it also helps to restrict side effects and also give desirable results.