Herbal Tea Gift

Herbal tea is not actually Real Tea. On the other hand, it is a tea made of a mixture of various parts of various plants. The parts of plants may include leaves, stem, flowers, seeds, roots etc. All the parts of a plant offer certain benefits and medicinal value. They are used as by either drying the parts or using fresh parts of the plants. Thus different parts of different plants are taken in order to obtain the perfect mix. The various plants that are used for this purpose may be jujube, ginseng, ginger root, orange peels etc.

There are also immense varieties of herbal tea such as:

*Gentian tea

*Chrysanthemum tea

*Essiac tea

*Hibiscus tea

*Hawthorne tea

*Lemon grass tea

*Mint tea

*Mountain tea

*Neem leaf tea

*Asiatic tea

There are various other varieties of herbal teas also. Herbal tea is mainly consumed because of their medicinal effects. It acts like a sedative, relaxant, stimulant etc. These properties are all obtained along with other benefits such as the property of green tea as a very strong antioxidant. Thus herbal tea is great item that one can gift to a loved one. You can never go wrong with herbal tea. Everyone needs antioxidants as the greens consumed today are very deprived of the minerals because of the chemicals used in its production or cultivation. And also, today people do not consume the minimum required quantities of fruits and vegetables that should be consumed I order to attain a minimum mineral requirement of the body on a daily basis.

At the same time, the effects of Herbal tea vary from person to person depending upon their body compositions. Herbal teas are safe for consumption, but they may possess certain allergenic and toxic properties that may not agree with everyone who consumes it. Thus in many countries, herbal teas are forbidden from making claims of having medicinal properties. Some of the concerns are:

*Comfrey, they contain certain alkaloids that could cause severe liver damage.

*Lobelia, which contain toxins synonyms to nicotine.

Thus it is most suggested to find out the kind of effect that one requires and then choose that type or that particular variety of Herbal Tea that offers what one needs most. By doing so, you can minimize to the greatest extent the drawbacks or negative effects that you could have by the consumption of the wrong type of tea.