Herbal Tea Infuser

There are different methods of preparing herbal tea – brewing, infusing, and decoctions. It is worth understanding the method properly since only then can one truly experience the pleasure of herbal tea and imbibe its medicinal values properly.

Apart from its medicinal values, herbal teas are tasty and can be enjoyed by all tea lovers.

The herbs brewed have differed based on the country you are in and the herbs which are available easily locally. Also the manner of brewing these herbs can be done in three different manners: infusion, an infusion decoction and decoction per se.

If you really wish to enjoy herbal teas at its best, it is better to use spring or completely distilled and filtered water – this is better than tap water which is treated with various chemicals which will only bring foreign flavors to your tea with the result that the end product will have a flavor which is different from what is desired. Another thing worth remembering is that it is better to brew your tea in a ceramic, stainless steel or a glass container – the reason being is that when you use a metal container, it would probably leech in your tea and can adversely affect the flavor of the tea , when ready for being consumed.

If one is using an herbal tea infuser or a tea ball, it is necessary to fill this only to half its capacity as you need to keep sufficient space for the herbs to expand as they steep.

Herbal teas which heal definitely is a little bitter – to alleviate the taste and make it more palatable, you can add a touch of various ingredients such as peppermint, fennel, honey, sugar, lemon juice, lavender, licorice or stevia.

The infusion method would be the easiest method to prepare herbal tea, for most parts of herbs such as the leaves, some of the seeds and stems of flowers.

The infusion method involves one or two teaspoons of herb which is dried per each cup of water. If you opt to use fresh herb, instead of dry herb, you would have to use double the quantity.

One cup of water to be heated to a temperature a, little less than when it is boiling. After this, you need to pour one or two teaspoons of dried herb into the water - you then need to cover and let that steep for approximately ten to twenty minutes – the duration would depend on the strength of the tea which you prefer. It then needs to be strained and can be served immediately – if you need to store it, it can be done for a maximum of three days.