Herb Green Tea

Green tea has become quite popular – though many of us drink it often and enjoy, we do not enjoy the many medicinal benefits which it has.

Green tea contains EGCGs – its full form is epigallocatechin gallates – these are strong antioxidants which have great medicinal value. It has been proven to reduce many serious illnesses such as clot formation, LDL, cancer and it also helps in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

The ECGCs present in green tea helps in preventing cancers and in those people, who are afflicted with cancer, helps in preventing the spread of cancer throughout the body. Green tea is also good for the heart since it greatly reduces the LDL cholesterol levels present and also stimulates the production of healthy blood and the smooth flow of this blood throughout the body. It helps in preventing arteriosclerosis, which is the thickening of the arteries which could result in heart attacks.

The cleaning of the palette is also a virtue of green tea and this result in reducing the chances of a stroke and also blood clots.

Green tea has been used for well over thousand years in China – it is only recently that its medicinal virtues have been known to the Western world and hence people in the West have begun using it. The secret of Chinese green tea has been passed down the generations. What really makes it very valuable, medicinally, are the antioxidants which are found and this is more than that found, even in black berries and chocolates.

All green teas are not exactly the same - the ones which you would normally purchase in tea bags would have less EGCG than those which are purchased loose which one can be purchased in health stores. There are many health stores which have green tea which can be mixed in water or can even be measured in advance for a water bottle – these would normally contain a higher content of Eggs than those found in green teas sold in tea bags.

For calorie conscious people, one good thing about green tea is that it completely natural, organic – they do not have to fear about side effects which are associated with some allopathic options. Also, the taste of green tea is tasty. Green tea does not weaken the natural immune system of the body so that ultimately your body is still in a better option to fight illnesses when they do come.