Herbs And Teas

The medicinal properties that are there in herbal tea is unbeatable compared to any other tea time beverage. You can specifically grow herbs in your garden or even your window side to just add them to your tea. There are two basic ways in doing this. One is you dry the herbs, grind them and add them to your tea like tea masala and the second way is to add them fresh by tearing and bruising the herb leaves. This way aromatic oil get released in water. Be careful while pulling out leaves from your plant; pulling out too many leaves might result in the death of your herb plants.

There are many popular herbs that you can grow to add to your tea. Let me brief about some of them.

Chamomile Herb

The chamomile plant has small white and yellow flowers which you use to make your tea. There are German and Roman chamomile plants and the former is the best for making tea. Chamomile is a plant that should be grown under lot of sun and should be planted in lot of soil. During summer especially, you need to keep watering them otherwise they will wither out.

Rose Hips

Rose hips is a citrus tasting herb which contains a lot of Vitamin C in it. The seed pods are contained in the hips of the rose. The Rugosa plant contains the largest hip in the rose variety. Removing the seeds from the rose hip is not necessary but if you wanna do it, do it before you dry them for the tea.


The sweet fennel is what you should choose for making tea. The plant grows in the beginning of fall unlike other herbs. It is not advisable to grow fennels indoor as they have the tendency to grow up to 6 inches tall. A lot of sun and water should be given to the fennel for good and fast growth.


Mint tea hits the favorite list of most herbal tea drinkers. You should take good care of this rugged mint tree. Water them well to protect them from scotching summer heat. Mint is also good to grow indoors. They come in a large variety such as chocolate, peppermint, apple mint and spearmint!

Lemon balm and lavender are also good herbs to dry and add to your tea! So what are you waiting for? Get started with herbs and tea and become a specialist just like me!