History Of Tea

When you feel very tired what is the drink that comes to your mind first? It is none other than tea in various forms like black tea, green tea and so on. Savoring a perfect cup of tea brewed by someone will help you and your friends chat on your own history or plans for future. What about the history of tea which is an awesome drink that brings you lot or relaxation.

With each drop of it flowing down the throat will help you strengthen. This demand for the tea helps strengthen the very existence of each granule that is created out of the tree. These leaves which come out of the tree have a pretty long history of its own. This history should be known to all those who has their favorite drink as tea. Tea which is the source of your energy that satisfies you and refreshes your mind is claimed to have its origin some 5000 years ago which is quite long and was found in ancient China.

It is not intentionally that someone wanted to prepare the awesome taste of the tea. It just happened accidentally that someone has discovered the great taste of the infusion that we are enjoying today. An emperor who himself was of a sort of scientist has found this taste of infusion which stood as the history of tea

He one day got pretty interested in the smell of the light brown infusion which is coming out from the boiling water. He then tried to find what has caused that infusion and later found that the dried leaves that fell into the boiling water accidentally are getting boiled along with the water. Though this seems to be strange this is the way that the history of the healthy and refreshing drink of tea is assumed to be.

The Chinese who started enjoying the flavor of tea started spreading of its usage in wide range in this arena. They became the reason of its magnification in the rest of the world apart forming the main roots of the history of tea. The intake of this drink has been so pronounced by various Chinese earlier like Lu Yu who has made it even more popular. The spread started with a Buddhist monk called Yeisei from China its origin to Japan who was influenced by its positive affect who has bought the seeds. The history continues in this way.