How To Brew Tea

Everyone knows how to make a cup of tea but one should be very professional to brew the green or black tea to have the complete benefits as well as the excellent taste that you get when you have them in outside shops. To know how to brew tea you should know some minimum important details.

Some people have a tendency to buy in lot and store it when they find the cost of the original tea leaves have come down. But this is not the correct way. You should know that a single ounce will produce 20 to 25 cups, so when you purchase in bulk it has to get stocked for months due to which the freshness will be lost. Hence it is always advisable to buy in small quantities. Ensure that you will not keep stock more than 3 or 4 ounces. Also make sure that you purchase each ounce from a guaranteed fresh source.

To know how to brew tea it is not enough that you purchase fresh tea leaves and start thinking why the tea you prepare each time does not taste as fresh as before. This is because you might not have stored in a tight container to protect it from moisture, food odors and light. Also see that the container which you have to use should be small enough to hold the tea ounces that you bought as the half - empty space in the big containers can cause the tea ounces to oxidize slowly.

Also store tea in a dark, dry and cool cupboard than in refrigerator as it becomes vulnerable to moist climate in the refrigerator and gets in touch with the food of different odor and also chances of condensation will cause the frozen tea to ruin if warmed to room temperature. Also remember that than the fine closed tea bags the loose tea leaves are best when you want a real taste and odor as the processing involved in the manufacturing of tea bags can reduce the true affect of the leaves.

Green tea needs more attention than the black tea. The main important ingredient apart from tea leaves is the water which should be fresh, preferably filtered and cool water should be taken to prepare the tea. Green tea should always be boiled at a low temperature at 72 to 75 C as it is more delicate. Now that you know how to brew tea enjoy it.