Instant Chai Tea

Traditional Chai tea is made with milk, black tea, a perfect blend of spices and just a tinge of sweetener. This combination creates the perfect cup of tea! Originating in India, this has become a worldwide hit and is now being served in a lot of homes all around the world. If you think that you have to spend so much for this popular tea drink, and then think again! Here is a way for you to experience an instant Chai tea at home.

What you need is powdered dry milk, a dry non-dairy creamer, powdered vanilla, sugar, instant tea, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and some cardamom. By just checking the ingredients you can see the diversity and intense warmth this tea will bring your. Imagine yourself walking around the colorful streets of India. You walk an inch and you smell the scent of fantastic spices and herbs being sold. Those rich smells that define the Indian tradition are so rich that it can be overwhelming for someone who has not experienced it yet. That is why you just need a little bit of the spices to experience a fantastic drink.

All you have to do next once you get the ingredients you need is to finely combine all the ingredients. First, combine the dry powdered ingredients in a large bowl. Combine them thoroughly to ensure that you get an even distribution. The next process is to blend the spices and blend them well. The next step is to finely mill them in a blender making sure that the ingredients are distributed evenly to get a perfect blend of ingredients all the time in your cup. After mixing everything, you can store it in a secured bottle and it is ready! Just take a cup, put a couple of tablespoons of the mixture and put hot water. Mix and enjoy this warm and inviting tea together with your family or friends.

Chai tea has grown so much popularity with its delectable spicy flavor and milky consistency. By drinking instant Chai tea, you reap the benefits of any kind of tea especially for digestion. This tea has been made into a variety of drink from shakes and iced drinks. The variations are endless!

So if you need a cup of pick me up at home on a rainy day and you want something to warm you up, the instant Chai tea will do the trick!