Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish break fast tea is the best choice when you have decided to have black tea along with your morning break fast foods. The Irish break fast tea has a wonderful malty brew, and this trait is what makes it all the more popular and probably the reason for it being drunk all over the globe. There is no need to get misguided by the term Irish break fast tea, it goes without saying that this wonderful tea can be enjoyed when ever you so desire and to accompany what ever meal you are taking, be it break fast, lunch or dinner or even brunch.

The Irish break fast tea is a black variety of tea. This is what makes it a bit malty in taste and the color is a reddish golden which adds to the attractiveness of the drink. Though the name is Irish, again do not be misguided, for the reason that the main ingredient in the Irish tea is nothing else but the Assam tea which is a purely Indian grown tea. Also the Darjeeling tea is another ingredient added to it to get the world famous Irish blend, so international in its taste and popularity.

The Tea Board of India praises this Irish break fast tea as the best kind of tea in the entire world. So if you have not yet tasted this heavenly Irish break fast tea yet, then go ahead and get some. You surely do not want to exit from this planet before tasting this wonderful and ever popular drink.

The reddish tinge to the color of the Irish break fast tea is due to the fact that other black tea leaves are added to the Irish break fast tea while blending it. Though the color looks extremely captivating, beware of exposing the tea to unwarranted amounts of heat. In case you commit the mistake of over heating this Irish break fast tea, you will have a darkish tannic color in your cup and in all probability will taste terrible too. So that goes without saying that tea drinking is not a process, which can be done mechanically. It is an art, starting right from the plucking of the tea leaves to its blending process and then finally when it reaches you, in its brewing process too. So take care when you buy your Irish break fast tea next time. Remember to buy the best and also bear in mind to brew it perfectly, so that you are not interrupted in enjoying the world’s best tea.