Iron Tea Pot

Cast iron seems to be highly popular among tea lovers, to be used as iron tea pots to brew their favorite cup of tea. Cast iron tea pots have been preferred because of their ability to spread out the heat received in a very balanced way through out the tea pot. Also the olden days saw the use on many iron utensils to avoid any anemia. Anemia is blood disorder, which means there is deficiency of blood due to lack of proper amounts of iron in the body. The iron is required to synthesize blood cells. Anemia was a common occurrence in the olden days and because of this the use of iron as cooking utensils was not only initiated but also propagated and promoted too.

The Japanese name for the iron tea pot is 'Tetsubin'. The Japanese have extensive ranges of these cast iron tea pots which not only look amazing with their different colorful patterns, but also are quite tensile and long lasting too.

Even now, in the present times, many people would prefer to use these iron tea pots to brew their tea. Many of them also prefer to send them as gifts to their loved ones. That is not an issue, since many of the shops sell these iron tea pots. But once you get hold of an iron tea pot, you need to take care of it too. This is for the reason that, the iron tea pot will call for a bit of preparation before you actually start using it. The best method is to rinse off the iron tea pot thoroughly using some soap and water. Then fill the iron tea pot with water to capacity and bring it to a good boil. This boiled water could be drained off through the spout, thus ensuring that none of the dangerous chemical residue or any unwanted matter is remaining stuck inside the iron tea pot.

The iron tea pot should be dried off while still warm, to avoid any residual water remaining behind. Iron can start to rust in case of residual moisture, so take good care of your iron tea pot and keep it warm. Having one of these cast iron tea pots is definitely a pleasure, because of the visual beauty and also because of the functionality of these Tetsubins. There are a host of designs and patterns available, you can choose one that suits your liking the best.