Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot

The Japanese cast iron teapot is a must have for any household that enjoys regular cups of tea. The high quality tea pot is intuitively designed for brewing of loose leaf tea. The teapot does not come in one precise design. Rather, the imagination is left to play out. But as traditional Japan would have it, some of the designs are symbolic of numerous things. But since the specifics of this are not important, it would suffice to say that there are many designs that you can explore. The color choices are as abundant as well. Black and brown are some of the more common colors.

Cast iron is a superb material for use with tea pots. The Japanese one in precision is all built with cast iron, but with an enameled interior. This is supposed to make cleaning easier, and avoid rust. This is essential because most of the time, the teapot will be holding tea. Cast iron is extremely durable, with the proper care. And because of the sturdiness and built quality, you can expect to get a couple of decades off a Japanese cast iron tea pot. It also distributes heat evenly to ensure that your brewed tea is at the desired temperature all around. It retains heat for close to an hour which is more than enough time to take as many cups of tea s you like. Besides brewing tea, the cast iron tea pot is also suitable for heating water for general usage.

There are those Japanese cast iron tea pots that are built with an infusing basket on the inside. It's usually made from stainless steel, and holds the tea leaves during brewing. This avoids the need for a tea infuser and is a classic example of killing two birds with one stone. The infusers are removable, should you prefer to have an infuser that is outside the design of the teapot.

All characteristics considered Japanese cast iron tea pots cost more than other kinds of tea pots. With $30 you can grab yourself one, though there are others that retail for much higher prices. For some really detailed and exceptional designs, you can pay as much as $150. Before making a purchase, you should have your needs stated out. That's because some of the teapots only brew two cups of coffee at a time and would be imperfect for when you have guests over.