Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green tea has spread to the farthest communities of tea drinkers all over the globe. Green tea, according to conservative tea drinkers, is considered the best tea there is, much better than black tea which had been the favorite for decades on end. Green tea is made exclusively from the C. sinensis species of plants. In Japan, the green tea is considered to as basically tea, but in the West and other parts of the world it adopts the Japanese green tea name to specifically identify it and separate it from other countries' teas, like Chinese.

Japanese green tea is graded differently, depending on such factors as where quality of the plant it's harvested from and the specific parts of the plants selected and how they are processed. Of course this is where the price variations surface with the simple rule of the higher the grade, the higher the more it costs. Jade Dew is the highest grade of Japanese green tea. The flavor difference in this precise grade comes in the practice carried out before harvest. Just before they are ready for harvest, the leaves are grown in the shade, which creates the difference. The rule with high grade teas is that they are steeped for shorter and cooler temperatures compared to the low grade ones like Aracha or low green tea.

Japanese tea receives its popularity from the myriad of health benefits it brings to the table. Most of these receive scientific backing, but there are others which are still debated on. Some of the more apparent and well known ones include lowering of blood cholesterol. In this case we are talking about the bad kind of cholesterol which results in high blood pressure. The latter mentioned one is another benefit. There are antioxidants in the tea, for instance Vita E which slow the aging process. Protection from cardiovascular diseases is also another benefit, more so with women. Drinking a couple of cups of Japanese green tea a day makes one less susceptible to cardiac complications. Weight loss is among those benefits which are still being discussed about. But the bigger percentage of the scientific fraternity tends to believe that it does in fact aid in weight loss in avid drinkers.

The reasons that persuade one to drink Japanese Green tea are obviously convincing enough to get one into the habit of doing so. And with the growing popularity of this kind of tea, it's only a matter of time before it becomes a global necessity.