Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Story has it, and so does history, that the seeds of tea were first brought to Japan by Buddhist monks as far back as 805 AD, but tea became popular after a Zen monk Eisai, acquired large tea gardens near Kyoto. It was only when Soen Nagatani, a trader, processed tea leaves by steaming, pan-firing and pan-drying, Sencha tea was born. Over 75% of tea made in Japan is processed into Japanese Sencha Tea.

Japanese teas can be broadly divided into four categories: Gyokuro, Bancha, Sencha and Matcha,. Tea is grown in the the following regions of Japan namely, Kagoshima, Kyoto, Uji and Shizouka. Uji is known as the region which produces the best and the finest tea, although it's production is only 4% of the total production of tea in Japan.

Possibly the most popular tea in Japan, Sencha Green Tea is basked in the sun. Brewed for approximately one minute in a tea pot called Kyusu with hot water that is 160F degree, Sencha is ready to be served and sipped. If brewed right, the tangy flavor will soon grow on you, but if it's over brewed, it can become bitter. Using just the right amount of dry leaf and the right temperature of water can also add to the flavor when brewing. To make iced tea, just pour this brewed green tea in a cup filled with ice. A sweet palate cleanser, this tea has a smooth taste.

The tea leaves are fairly uniform in shape and large in size and the colors of the leaves are rich green like an emerald. The tea when made is lime-green in color. The tea is available in various grades which are decided on the basis on when they were harvested. High Quality Sencha Tea is usually a delight.

The Japanese drink at anywhere between five to ten cups in a day. This tea is said to refresh the brain and act as a cleanser to the body. They say that this tea-break possibly helps solve many of the life's dilemmas. Not only that, Japanese Sencha Tea has all the goodness of Green Tea in it, whether it is polyphenols, or powerful antioxidants. Sencha Tea goes with almost kind of food especially when the foods have strong flavors. Be it Garlic, or Curry or even cuisine from Mexico. It's also great hit with Fish, Chicken or Sea food, and Vegetarian food... even Chocolate and Pizza!