Japanese Tea Cups

A container vessel used for serving herbal mix or tea is called as a teacup these are the part of the tea sets. Teapots have a small opening with a rounded lid at their upper part, where the herbal mix and water are placed. It consists of handle and a spout .strainers is built in some teapots. Japanese teacups have a long history and had many designs on the outer body resembling the time to which they belonged.

History of the Japanese Teacups:

The development of herbal mix and tea and its daily consumption required a vessel for pouring tea in a good and pleasing manner. The teacups were derived from the ceramic and proclain type of material. From the early 17th century, tea was shipped as luxury goods from china into the European market. The Chinese people were the first to use the teapot as the serving vessel for tea. During the sun dynasty from fixing region of china teapot cane into existence as pottery was a strong tradition at that time.


There are many varieties of Japanese teacups and they differ from region to region. The Chinese teacups and the Japanese teacups were the main key players in the Asian teacups. Then with the advent of proclaim and ceramic materials many kind of new types of teacups evolved.

Japanese Teacups versus European Teacups:

The Japanese used teacups much before the Europeans used them. Asian countries like China and Japan had a wide variety of clay made teapots. When the spices and herbed were shipped from Japan for European markets then Japanese teacups came to Europe. Teacups were much related with the high-class people in the European and Japanese society in the early beginning. Japanese society mainly used teapots to represent their mannered behavior in the society.

Japanese Teapots as a Status Symbol:

At many places of social, economic and business importance, Japanese teacups are used for serving tea. Japanese teacups are very much distinct from the general teacups and have slightly higher cost than others have. Tea is a very important beverage and hence the importance of teacups increases. Japanese teacups are one of the oldest teapots and hence they have more importance than the other teacups.

The Art and Craft

The craft of the Japanese teacups is not less than any art. The teacups that are made out of clay and ceramics are sometimes masterpieces. The Japanese do not just look at the cups as the container but there is something far more than this that has their attachments with the teacups.