Japanese Tea House

The basic purpose of the Japanese teahouses is to serve as a host to the tea parties.

Some of such houses the inner gardens as well as the outer gardens. The way in which this is done is often very interesting. The outer garden as the name suggests is where the guests enter. There are multiple gates to the outer garden and it has a path that is built in stones that takes the guests to the inner garden in the Japanese teahouse. There is another way between the inner garden and the teahouses. This path is also made from the stones.

As one enters, the second gate there is a water basin kept there. This basin is an important part of the tea ceremony. There are plants that are planted all along the outer garden pathway, but this is not done in the inner garden pathway to avoid any distractions. Ultimately, all these pathways take the attendants to the Japanese teahouse, which hosts the tea ceremony. The Japanese teahouses are therefore built in extremely large places so that there is plenty of scope to be creative with the above-mentioned things.

The Things Inside

After crossing, the flower embedded pathways the guest then appear in the teahouses. Sometimes the inner garden itself is built as the teahouse. Once in the teahouse, the guests settle down on the tables that are kept there until the host appears and greets them. Machiai is what they call these benches. The teahouses are very often a convenience to the wealthy people to flaunt their fortunes. Owing a Japanese teahouse itself is a status symbol in Japan. This concept is unique, as the Japanese teahouses have been designed with keeping the social norms in mind. These are the places where people meet, socialize share ideas and relax in the company of the acquaintances and friends.

The Perfect Hangout Stops

A tea ceremony held in the most uniquely crafted teahouse can more than be a treat to the guests. While they enjoy the beverage, they can wander around in the garden and steal the glimpses of nature. The teahouse will be liked by the people when they are well maintained and every time they enter such teahouses, they will found some new things that are experimented. Depending on the purpose of the teahouse one, can theme the interior of the teahouse and host the most lavishing tea party in the town.