Japanese Tea Sets

For Japanese people the drinking of tea is ceremonial. There is even a special tea ceremony in Japan called Chaji where tea is offered to the invitees as a great honor with deliciously prepared meals. The host prepares for the Chaji many days in advance to honor the visitors without making the slightest mistakes, as Chaji is considered as a ceremony that symbolizes human encounters, which they think happens only once in a lifetime exactly in an identical situation.

Japanese tea sets have been closely related with this long lasting heritage. They show great skill of fine craftsmanship that you rarely find in any other countries. The designs of Japanese tea sets are unique. Their materials are exclusive. They reflect a regal appearance to the place wherever they are placed. If you want to enjoy the unique taste of tea, you have to drink a cup of tea offered in a Japanese teacup.

Japanese Camila tea sets come with a beautifully crafted ceramic teapot called Kyusu. There are five elegantly designed ceramic teacups with the Kyusu and the designs on the teacups depict the beautiful Japanese flower tsubaki. A monogrammed wooden box holds the tea set, which is also a symbol of Japanese traditional craftsmanship. The price of this exclusive Japanese masterpiece is US$210.00.

The traditional Japanese earthenware tea sets are very popular among people who always enjoy offering a cup of tea to visitors. The set includes five teacups and a teapot. They are made of clay with attractive designs that are exclusive to Central Japan. This traditional earthenware tea set comes in a monogrammed wooden box and priced at US$220.00.

Another exclusive brand of Japanese tea set is Toyosaka Tea set. It includes five teacups and a teapot. The set is very light and green in color. The name 'Toyosaka' is to denote that this exclusive tea set is made in Tokoname kilns of Central Japan. Toyosaka also comes with a monogrammed wooden box and priced for US$105.00.

The Plum Blossom Tea set is a lightweight elegant tea set comes under the Toyosaka brand. It includes five teacups with a matching teapot. The Misty Mountain Tea set is yet another exclusive tea set from Japan. It includes two teacups and the teapot. You can witness the misty Japanese mountain ranges when you look at the color of these exclusive Japanese tea sets.

The tea is closely linked with Japanese culture and traditions. Japanese tea sets are an exclusive part of this rich heritage. That is why they are the most sought after quality product throughout the World. These are only just a few Japanese tea sets that show the World how tea sets become part of culture and heritage.