Japanese Tea Tables

Japan a country rich in traditions is known for its tea culture which dates back to the 16th century. The Japanese tea ceremonies constitute an important aspect of Japanese culture that are ceremoniously followed by the host and the guests.

From ambience to what is served with the tea is decided and meticulously crafted by the skilled host of the tea ceremony. Matcha which is a powdered form of green team is served at the ceremony. The host or the practitioner of the ceremony has to be a skilled person who has mastered the rituals, is familiar with the gestures and words that are spoken and is a connoisseur of Japanese art.

The Japanese tea ceremony takes place in a tranquil environment surrounded by flower arrangements, ceramics, calligraphy, incense and Japanese art. The ceremony can go on for almost five hours. The four types of ceremonies are called the Chabako demae, the Ryu-rei, the Hakobi demae and the Obon temae.

In the Ryu-rei ceremony the preparation of tea takes place at a special table. Each guest is seated at a separate table which is set low.

Japanese tea tables offer a touch of class to a home and are besotted pieces of furniture. More and more people are investing in a Japanese tea tables as a piece of interior design which lends style and elegance to their home. These tables are made low and are contoured with solid bases in dark colors. The idea of making them low is keeping in mind the Japanese tradition of sitting on cushions that are placed in front of the table. Although many of the tables adorn a modern look yet as far as possible most Japanese table manufacturers try to maintain the traditional grace.

Japanese tea tables are available in most markets and can be bought online too. When going in for a purchase of the same one must try and get a hand made table with an oriental look that has been intricately lacquered on the table. Japanese art comprising artistic scenes are used as designs on some of the traditional tables. Investing in these tables is like buying an invaluable work of art.

What better way to enjoy a serene evening in the confines of your home, at a quiet sit down experience at your bejeweled Japanese tea table sipping on Matcha and engaging in memorable conversations with your loved ones!