Japan Tea Sets

Tea is an important part of Japanese culture and therefore, along with their tea making, it is only important to them to serve it in an aesthetically pleasing way. For this purpose, it has become a part of Japanese culture to create beautiful tea sets that are known for their quality and accurate artisanship. They are usually made of ceramic so it is light and easy to set. Most of these tea sets are packed in a wooden box that is usually inscribed with a message or can be personalized. Each separate piece in the set is also carefully packed to avoid any damage.

There are many different types of Japan tea set one can pick from. Camellia Tea Sets are especially known for their lightweight make. They consist of they kyusu, which is the teapot, and five cups, in a classic tsubaki flower pattern. The tsubaki is also called the camellia flower, hence the name. This completely set comes in a monogrammed box, made of quality wood. One can also pick earthenware teased that is red and lightweight, and includes a kyusu and five cups. This design is the typical red clay style that the Tokenize kilns employ in parts of central Japan. This set also comes in a monogrammed box. The Toyosaka tea set, is green, and of the same structure of the other sets. It is named Toyosaka for the green color that comes from the Toyosaka kilns, also situated in central Japan. A Plum Blossom Tea set, is also green, but with a plum blossom design, and the same contents as the other sets.

Most of these Japan tea sets can be bought online, for good prices, and they will transport it in a protective box to your house, so you do not have to worry about damages while shipping. They also come in a box that you can show off on your coffee table, and even are personalized if you wish to bestow it upon a loved one. Make sure that the Japan tea set you buy is authentic by talking to a shop that specializes in Japan tea sets, and doing your own research on the internet. Also, learn some of the courtesies that are followed while serving Japanese tea for an even more authentic experience that you can share with friends and family. Above all, choose a good team that is a balance of taste, color, and fragrance to serve.