Jasmine Green Tea

If you are a tea lover then you will know the wonderful flavor and aroma of jasmine green tea. This tea is an ancient brand and has been used for both medicinal and enjoyment purposes for millennia. Jasmine green tea comes in several varieties, one of which is jasmine pearl tea, which many people call dragon pearls. Jasmine pearl is grown in the uplands of the Fujian province of China.

One of the best features of jasmine flower tea is the wonderful flowery aroma because of the chrysanthemum and amaranth buds mixed with the green tea. Pearl tea is similarly mixed and produces a relaxing aroma. Another excellent jasmine green tea is the mountain grown green dragon tea which is one of the richest green teas as far as anti oxidants goes. This tea is grown in the mountains of Fujian, China, and it like a pharmacy in a cup. It has been known to promote healthy skin, burn fat and help with anti aging issues.

If you think jasmine green tea is only for drinking think again. Many people use the blossoming plant as a decorative item simply because the flowers are so exquisitely beautiful. When steeped in warm water the beautiful floral designs will begin to spread in your cup. Do not use boiling water however, as it will ruin the taste of the tea and spoil the design of the blossoms. The way to get the best results is to pour you boiling water into a glass pot and let sit for a few minutes before slowly adding your jasmine green tea leaves. This will let you watch the change and not ruin your tea. You will be able to steep your tea several times and still have flavor left and when you are finished you can put the blossoming tea in a jar and use it as a decorative piece that will last for several days.

Jasmine green tea is one of the best varieties of green tea available and with the many different types available you have a wide variety available to choose from and even experiment with. Jasmine green tea is available at your local stores and you can buy any type at all online and even buy in bulk.