Jasmine Tea Bags

The scent of the night blooming Jasmine, the lazy, long days and busy birds chirping all day, signal the onset of the spring - summer season. The fresh fragrance of the jasmine flower is sure to fascinate any person. This intoxicating smell is brewed into a special floral tea as a treat to tea lovers

Jasmine loose tea or tea bags come in all varieties- Jasmine black tea, Jasmine oolong tea, Jasmine green tea or jasmine white tea. The taste and fragrance of the jasmine flower is infused into the tea buds and leaf by an effective process. The jasmine plant is a native of Asia, still it is found to thrive in the subtropical climates of some regions of North America.

Yet only China and Taiwan can boost of jasmine tea as it is manufactured from the tropical jasmine plants. However, it is imported from here across the world. The leaves are picked (green, black or oolong), at the right time and dried. Fully bloomed, fresh jasmine flowers are layered with the tea buds and leaves for a specific period of time. The used jasmine flowers are replaced with a fresh lot and this process is repeated till the required infusion is reached. The end product is an ethereal and appealing tea product. People from Asia associate the jasmine flower with romance, emotions and sexuality. So a belief exists till date that drinking jasmine tea relaxes one. It is considered as an aphrodisiac.

Making a hot cup of jasmine tea is easy and fast when you use a jasmine tea bag. It is a very soothing and refreshing tea to drink. Another interesting fact is, due to its fragrant flavor, the tea is used in certain Asian delicacies like rice and duck recipes. Even ice creams are flavored with jasmine tea. The subtle flavor enhances the taste of the dish leaving many unable to distinguish the flavor.

Jasmine tea bags are very handy to make iced teas. They impart a floral flavor to the iced tea.

Jasmine tea bags are easily available. You can make your own jasmine tea at home. Add 3-4 fresh and clean jasmine flowers in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Simmer it for about 10 minutes. In a cup, put a tea bag and pour the flower infused water over it. Steep the concoction for 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink it sweet or unsweetened as you wish. You are sure to taste a good cup of jasmine tea.

Once you taste a jasmine tea you are bound to taste it many, many times more!