Jasmine Tea Benefits


Jasmine tea is usually made using green tea, though oolong tea, white tea and black tea are occasionally used. The flowers of jasmine are used to make jasmine tea; they are collected in the morning and are stored till evening in a cool place. The flowers and the tea base are then combined in machines which control the temperature and humidity. It takes almost 4 hours for the tea to absorb the flavor and fragrance of jasmine flowers. Usually green tea forms the base tea for jasmine tea because it has more health benefits than black tea and also unlike black tea, it does not have bold flavor which allows the fragrance and flavor of jasmine to stand out. White jasmine tea is also becoming popular as a sweet and light refreshing beverage.

Jasmine tea benefits are derived usually from the benefits of the tea with which jasmine flowers are combined, as it's the blend of jasmine flowers with either green, black, white or oolong tea. However, jasmine in itself is known for it anti inflammatory property. Green tea is preferred as base tea usually because fermentation does not convert its anti-oxidants into other compound unlike in black tea, therefore provides maximum health benefits.

Jasmine tea benefits

Jasmine tea with green tea base provides various health benefits, few of them are;

6. Powerful anti-oxidants - Anti-oxidants from jasmine tea help to protect our body by neutralizing free radicals. These radicals can damage body cells leading to aging and disease. Jasmine green tea prevents the death of red blood cells caused by free radicals.

7. Helps in weight loss - The combination of caffeine and anti-oxidants in green tea helps in the process of weight loss. Jasmine tea helps in weight loss by helping the body to absorb less fat and cholesterol.

8. Helps in preventing cancer - Green tea and the fragrance of jasmine both are found to have anti-cancer properties. Drinking jasmine green tea helps in preventing cancers of breast, colon and lungs.

9. Calms your nerves - The aromatic components of jasmine is believed to have soothing effect which acts as a stress and tension reliever.

10. Other benefits - Jasmine tea boost the immune system and helps in fighting bacteria and viruses causing dysentery, influenza and cholera. It lowers blood pressure and also helps in preventing heart attacks by not allowing the body to absorb excess cholesterol. When used as a mouth wash can prevent tooth decay.