Jasmine Tea Caffeine

Flavored Tea has always been a draw for all the Tea Drinkers. Actually people at times get introduced to the variant first than the original product. Tea that the Chinese invented was merely tea leaves boiled in water...Then the herbs added themselves with whole medicinal properties and then came flavor which added value in terms of taste.

Jasmine amongst all the flavors is most preferred, as it is used as a base for many other blends. It is mild and sweet and hence can be used to blend with other flavors. The Jasmine flowers are plucked just about when they are about to bloom and then left with the Tea leaves so that the aroma of the petals is properly infused with the tea. One wonders why Jasmine is considered as a base. The main reason for this is that irrespective of the continent and soil type, Jasmine plant grows and hence is easily available. Then the sweet and mild taste adds to the qualities which make it apt for becoming a base for blending.

Caffeine is one of the components in TEA and this should give relief to the Coffee lovers. Those who want to give up their Caffeine addiction and yet want to have their regular intake of Caffeine; Tea (herbal) is one of the best options. The caffeine content in Tea is a quarter than that present in coffee.

Flavored Tea comes in various types:

5. Peppermint

6. Jasmine.

7. Camomile.

8. Honey Lemon.

9. Dragon Pearl (Jasmine tea flowers rolled with green leaves).

10. Green tea with ginseng.

11. Rose Green tea.

As a beginner in trying out these above variants one must select a milder version so that one sips as many as 4 - 5 cups a day. Since the amount of caffeine is moderate the more you sip, the amount of the kick experienced would be less. Doctors advise green tea with a jasmine blend but do not exceed 4 cups to start with. The antioxidant values of the tea will start acting on your body and one might feel refreshed through out the day and might also find lesser pangs of hunger than usual. Other benefits such as weight loss and dietary benefits take a bit longer and are also subjective to one's body pattern and cycle.

To sum it up Tea gives the right mix of Caffeine and benefits to sustain your day and habits the healthy way !!!!