Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

Jasmine green tea is different from the others because it isn't made from the leaves of herbs. It is basically made by mixing jasmine flower with the tea Cultivated for its flowers. Jasmine is found in more than 200 varieties which include the red white and yellow flowers.

Jasmine tea is prepared with the green tea as base. Some use black tea as well however the green tea is used the most. The process starts in April and may wherein the tea leaves are plucked and then processed and then it is kept for drying till jasmine flowers start blooming in august or September.

The flowers are collected when they open up completely either early in the morning or at midnight. They are then placed along with tea so as to make sure that the fragrance of the jasmine flower has been absorbed for the next couple of hours. Then the flowers are removed. This process is repeated for almost seven times as required during a month's processing before getting the tea ready to be sold. The tea is graded determining the scenting it has got during the month.

Most of the Jasmine green tea contains a significant quantity of polyphenols, which are nothing but plant based particles that have proved to fight against cancer and have proven to be antiviral. This also helps in being an anticancer and reduces the aging process by removing free radicals. Jasmine is also helpful in preventing diabetes and lowering high blood pressure. It is also believed to lower the chances of strokes, arterial sclerosis, thrombosis and heart attacks.

Some of the other health benefits by consuming Jasmine tea include reducing the chances of gaining a blood clot, prevention against allergy, lowering blood sugar, improve the immune system, keep a balanced fluid and also providing oral care which helps to fight against tooth decay and cavities. Another benefit of the jasmine tea is that it helps in improving intestine conditions by stopping the development of bad bacteria and improving the growth of good bacteria.

At least four cups of jasmine tea should be consumed in a day. This tea can be served with strong flavored items or even alone. Jasmine tea of good quality is the one which can work wonderfully with salads made from fruits or flowers or desserts made out of flowers. Just a cup of Jasmine tea can offer considerable advantages when compared to the traditional medications.