Korean Ginseng Tea

Day by day competition is ever increasing and due to this competition stress is increasing which leads to tension. Due to this tension our work gets affected and thus our performance. To control this tension we need to control stress and for doing so one of the best ways is to drinking Korean Ginseng tea. Drinking three cups of Korean ginseng tea on a regular basis will help you to control your stress level


How it is made:

The tea is made mainly from the roots of Ginseng. The roots of ginseng are processed and then mixed with boiling water. There are two verities of the tea. Ginseng tea red and the ginseng tea white. Differences between them are determined by the way the roots have been processed.


Ginseng has been used in Korea from past thousand of years. The ginseng tree is identified mostly by its leaves which have a circular pattern and which grow around the stem. The flowers of this tree are yellowish green in color .It contains a lot of medicinal miraculous properties in it. Other names for the Korean ginseng are ren shen, Asiatic ginseng, and Korean ginseng red, Chinese ginseng. Due to its medicinal properties it has been very popular and one survey said that it is the third mostly used supplement having herbal properties in the United States.


This herb has a lot of medicinal properties. Asian people gave it the name “cure-all”. It regulates our immune system and helps us to fight cold and flu. It has some properties in it which helps to fight cancer. It acts as a cleansing agent and purifies our blood. Many types of allergic dieses can be easily treated with the consumption of ginseng tea. Allergic problems such as asthma and other problems can be cured up to some extent. We can say that ginseng is one of the boons to the world from the Koreans and regular drinking of ginseng tea helps a lot. Its medicinal value is more than any other herbs that can be used in tea drinking.


This tea should be consumed three times daily by a normal person for a healthy and stressful living. Overdose of this ginseng may be harmful as Korean ginseng has highest amount of germanium. High blood pressure, alcoholism, mental breakdown, heart problems etc can be reduced to a lot extent with daily consumption of this tea. Ginseng tea is referred by many doctors to their patients and its consumption should be always in proportion.