Loose Black Tea

In the traditional setting, loose black tea was the only common tea that was known especially in the eastern parts of the world where tea first originated. This is because there were no technological inventions that could aid the making of commercial tea bags and other forms of tea were not as popular.

Although several changes have taken place in the tea sector since this time, loose black tea still stands out as among the best in quality especially when you have to think about the special flavor and the aroma that makes many people love the tea, then you can be forgiven for insisting on the loose black tea. The preparation of loose black tea is quite simple since all you have to do s to have your loose tea leaves and the tea brewing pot. Once you have your water heated to boiling point, you add the tea and let tit settle or restrain it to remove the tea leaves and serve your tea. You may add some sugar to taste if you prefer your tea with some sugary taste.

It is however important to note that the preparation of loose black tea will always vary since you could add a variety of spices as well as other sweeteners such as honey or sugar to taste. However if you want to get the best results out of your loose black tea, you could go for a tea pot with an infuser and ensure that you add some spices depending on your taste and preference.

Purchasing loose black tea should not be a very difficult task since most of the stores readily stock loose black tea and you can have the choice of choosing the quantity of the loose tea that you want. They are always packed in many different packs starting with the very small packs of about 200 grams onwards. One important point to note when shopping for your tea is that the best tea for consumption is the loose tea as the packing company cannot take the risk of packing poor quality loose tea in packets since they are quite aware that the consumer will always see through the packet once it is open and they may risk loosing customers.

The quality of caffeine content in the loose black tea is very stable as compared to tea bags. When making tea using loose black tea, it is also better since you can regulate your caffeine content by infusing your tea leaves before brewing to get the right amount of caffeine