Loose Herbal Tea

Loose Herbal tea offers some great health benefits as well as great taste at the same time. It is a very necessary product in the kinds of lives that we lead today, filled with stress and hurry and insurmountable deadlines. All these are not only bad for our health, but also tempt us to indulge in several other practices that put our health at risk, such as drinking too much caffeine, eating too much junk food, unhealthy diets, very sedentary lifestyles, etc. A single cup of herbal loose tea can counteract the bad effects of all these problems and start making us leads a much healthier lifestyle.

Loose Herbal teas are, as the name suggests, made from herbs. The tea can be made from a single herb, or a mixture of many herbs. Some of the herbs that are commonly used in making herbal loose tea are chamomile, leaf of red raspberry, lemon balm and mint. The loose leaves and sometimes the flowers of all these plants are used to make the tea. All of these herbs have many health benefits. For example, chamomile helps the individual to relax, and helps in the process of sleeping. Leaf of red raspberry helps in maintaining the reproductive system. Both the teas either can be made by using fresh leaves or dried leaves, though it must be kept in mind that if dry leaves are being used, their quantity should be more.

Making loose herbal tea is very simple. First, heat up some water so that it is just below boiling point. At this point, add the herbs to the water. Let the herbs stay in the water for about five minutes, as it takes this much times for the components of the herb to seem into the water. Shut the heat, strain the water and cool tea. You can add honey to it if you prefer to have it sweet. The perfect tea is made by using either half a teaspoon or one teaspoon of the herb (depending on the strength you prefer) to a single cup of boiling water.

Many other things can be added to the loose herbal tea, thereby adding to the taste as well as to the health benefits of the tea. For example, peppermint can be added for its soothing and cooling effect. Catnip can also be added for its relaxing effect. Other herbs such as sting nettle and alfalfa can also be added to make the tea more nutritious.