Loose Jasmine Tea

Drinking tea was always considered to be a healthy choice. The tea is of various varieties called as the black tea, white tea and the green tea. The loose jasmine tea is of the green variety of tea and is associated with enormous health benefits. The jasmine is a variety of fragrant flower.

The characteristic of this flower is that it tends to emit its heavenly fragrance at sun down, through out the night. So these jasmine buds carefully plucked out in the morning, when they have just begun to open up. They are then allowed to open up completely only in a cool shady place through out the day, and then at sun down, when they start emitting their wonderful fragrance, they are added to the tea leaves which are loosely stored and thus the fragrance of the jasmine is transferred to the tea leaves.

The major part of the loose jasmine teas are made in China itself and this is based on 2 important facts. The major part of the world's jasmine is seen to be cultivated in China its elf. The second reason is that the tea leaves of China are seen to be of the loose type, which aids in proper blending of the jasmine flowers and absorption of the aroma of the jasmine flowers. The amazing fact about these jasmine loose teas is that they can be prepared from the black tea, or even the green tea and the white tea and the oolong variety of tea too. They are quite adaptable.

The key to making a wonderful brew of jasmine loose tea lies in the art of making it. Make sure and very sure about the quality of the loose jasmine tea leaves you have purchased. Once that is taken care of, you can choose the amount of the jasmine leaves to be added to water. Just keep in mind that the white jasmine tea will require more of the tea leaves like about 2 teaspoons. But all the other types can brew satisfactorily with just 1 teaspoon of the jasmine loose tea.

If you have never tried the jasmine loose tea, you should definitely try it once. If not for the subtle aroma and the heavenly flavor, then surely for the health benefit. Jasmine tea is said to act as a tranquilizer and has a peaceful calming and relaxing effect on the frayed nerves.