Loose Leaf Green Tea

Loose leaf green tea is one brand of tea that is quite in demand in almost every corner of the world in the current times. This is mainly because of the growing campaign aimed at healthy eating and the much advertised knowledge of the green tea's medicinal value. It is quite true that many people across the world are suffering from food related complications such as diabetes, and obesity among other lifestyle related illnesses. Green tea is known to have the ability to counter such complications thanks to its high level of antioxidants that are known to combat such complications like cholesterol and fatigue as well as weight control features.

As much as all the green tea have the same medicinal effect on the consumer, research have shown that loose tea regardless of its brand is always better as compared to the tea bags since the tea nutrients are usually able to drain into the beverage during brewing as opposed to the case of tea bags which in many cases are even packed with low quality tea leaves simply because the packers are very sure you will not be opening the sachets to peep at the contents.

Preparation of tea using loose leaf green tea will always guarantee best results especially for people who want their tea with the original flavor and aroma that is always the factor behind the crave of tea that many people experience. Buying tea in its loose-leaf form is also an advantage since you are always sure of the quality of tea being sold to you unlike in the case of sachets which you may not be Able to verify their contents. The only complication that may be associated with this type of tea is in the fact that you may be forced to purchase a teapot with an infuser or else you will be faced with the challenge of having to clear the mess left behind after each tea brewing session. The remedy to this could lie in the use of a strainer to drain the left over of the loose tea leaves

You can purchase your loose leaf tea from a number of stores either at your nearest shopping mall or online since the beverage is available in almost every country at the moment. Reducing the amount of caffeine from your loose leaf green tea can be done by infusing your tea in hot water for less than a minute before brewing your coffee if the caffeine content is a concern to you. It is however advisable to take it as it is because the caffeine helps in relaxing your mind out of fatigue and stimulating your entire system.