Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Loose leaf tea if I can loosely define it is tea that has not been bagged. Most of the teas in the market have been bagged for the sake of the convenience of the user. You will have to agree with me on this one when in tell you that there are times you really don’t benefit from that convenience, isn’t it? For instance, if you are at home, are you benefiting from the convenience of the bagged tea bags? Is there any difference if you decide to brew your tea at home using the loose leaf tea? Did you know that using tea bags is benefiting from the goodness of the tea only by half? It is like eating fruits with the rind, as you never get to partake of the goodness of the fruit. For all we know, loose leaf tea has been with us for way longer before the tea bags showed up and there are a wide variety of loose leaf teas you can use in the market today and get 100% herbal goodness from them. Some of them are loose leaf herbal tea and they have the advantage of being more effective than bagged herbal teas. Here are some of them.

Ginseng is a herb that has been used in China for as long as history. The Chinese have a long history of herbal remedies that are being used to date. This herb, which is a constituent of some teas is perfect for healing emotional and physical stress and protects the body from illnesses by building the immunity of a person’s body at the same time. If you need a herbal cup of tea to relax your tired muscles after a long day, the ginseng herb is perfect; pregnant women are not supposed to take ginseng herb.

For those with a low libido and on the lookout for a herb that will improve their sex lives, the horny goat weed has been known to treat erectile dysfunction as well as increase the libido for both men and women. Hawthorn is a herb that increases the flow of blood in the circulatory system of a person with hypertension although it needs a doctor’s advice before getting consumption. Lemon balm is great for stress and indigestion and for those with stomach ulcers, this will give you relief. Both lemon balm and hawthorn have been made into loose leaf teas for easy preparation.