Loose Leaf Tea

Tea has been consumed for thousands of years, both in Asian and on the African continent. All teas are harvested from the Camellia sinensis Plant and there are several thousands of different kinds and blends of tea available. Some blends, like Earl Grey, many people think are teas and some teas people confuse with blends.

Loose leaf sold commonly in the west come generally from Chinese and Japanese harvests and come in four types. Green and white tea and oolong and black tea. Each type is distinctly different in the amount of caffeine, what health benefits it has and unique flavor. Her are a few short descriptions of the various loose leaf teas.

The purist of the loose leaf teas is white tea which has a very small amount of caffeine. When the brewing is complete you end up with a very light colored tea. Whine tea also has the highest anti oxidant count and has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and help clear complexions in users.

The most used tea in the world is green tea. This is a staple drink in most of Asia and it often drank with flowers or mixed with fruit. The caffeine in green tea is also very low and the anti oxidants are high and it has been shown to help lower blood pressure and fight gum disease.

Black tea is most commonly used in the West and it is what you will find in tea bags. This tea is fully fermented and ends up with about 20% caffeine. It has been shown to block cholesterol from entering the blood stream and reduce the rate of heart attacks.

Oolong teas are semi-fermented and have a full bodied taste and almost fruity flavor. If you have ever been to a Chinese restaurant you've had oolong tea. This tea will boost your metabolism and assist your body in breaking down essential oils and fats.

Finally there are herbal teas, which are the only tea not from the Camellia family. These teas are referred to as tisane due to there lack of a family. There are three types of herbal teas and each has a different effect on the metabolism. Rooibos tea for instance is very rich in protein and minerals and works to relieve allergies, aid in the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth and bone and is high in anti oxidant. Mate teas on the other hand taste a bit like coffee and help curb appetite by supplying a total of 21 vitamins and minerals.