Masala Chai Tea

Tea is a very popular beverage among all classes of people. There are various types of teas that are present today. Ever since the invention of tea the consumption of it has increased steadily and it has evolved into to various types. The uses of tea have also improved from just a beverage to medicinal and scientific uses. Over the years the process of brewing the tea has also been simplified with the help of tea bags that are readily available in the market. There are different kinds of teas and the most traditional and basic ones are yellow, black, green, white and oolong tea. The making of tea various from country to country, in certain countries people prefer to drink the strained liquid after brewing with just adding sweeteners such as honey or sugar. But in certain countries people add milk to the strain and then later add sugar and drink it. The name tea might be international reference to it. But in various other places in the world the word tea has a local name to it.

One such a local name to it is chai. The word chai for tea is used mainly in the northern parts of India. Masala chai is of Indian origin and chai in Hindi means tea. Masala chai tea is made by brewing the tea leaves with various other Indian spices. Tea plants were growing wildly in the Assam region of India. When the British people came here they cultivated the plants and shipped it to Britain for consumption. The tea consumption in India was low until the Indian tea association promoted it in the 20th century. After that tea consumption in India majorly increased especially with the working class. Initially tea was served the British way with low milk and sugar. Later the tea vendors improved it by adding more milk and sugar. Slowly it lead to the invention of masala tea. The easiest way of preparing masala chai is to simmer milk, tea leaves, sugar and spices after the mixture boils strain it and serve the very famous masala chai tea. The standard spices added in the masala chai tea are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn and cloves. The sweeteners used can be jiggery, sugar or honey. Milk and tea leaves are the main ingredients. Masala chai tea has broken its barriers and now it is recognized through out the world.