Mesh Tea Infuser

Tea drinking habit has pervaded into the lifestyle of the human population since a long, long time. The Chinese were the first to elevate the tea drinking habit into customary art. Later the Japanese construed this art into an elaborate, mystical tea drinking ceremony. Today the Japanese tea drinking ceremony is famous all over the world. A majority of tea lovers around the globe want to relish their cup of tea not just for its mood reviving ability but they are aware of the health benefits, the anti oxidants in a cup of tea promotes.

Tea making is a pretty simple process. Yet a right infusion of tea leaves will yield good liquor needed to make a tea better in terms of taste and color. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of tea leaves (red, black, green or white) used, water used for infusion and the right time when the infusion was stopped. Allowing the dregs or the tea residue to ornament your tea will surely spoil a good cup of tea.

Famous tea persons who talk of a tea infuser advice to fill the infuser only half full, else the tea leaves will have less room to expand fully to bring out the aroma and taste to the maximum however expensive the tea leaves used were. There is a wide choice in the tea infuser available in the store or on the internet today.

A tea ball mesh infuser is common one used by many. It is a hollow mesh sphere divided into two pieces and has a snap closure. It is made of stainless steel. Infuser baskets are another kind. These baskets can have stainless steel mesh, nylon mesh or plastic mesh. Coming in many sizes they suit a variety of teapots or mugs. You have to put tea leaves in the mesh basket which will be placed over the teapot or mug. Pour boiling water over the basket and allow infusion to take place.

A simple yet handy kind of an infuser is the mesh infuser with just a handle. Using a mesh tea infuser you can make a perfect cup of tea as it helps to control the texture and color of your tea. With so many varieties of mesh tea infuser available at your local store, mall or on the internet, you can easily choose one for brewing your daily cup of tea and enjoy it. If you are one of those kinds who don't relish tea brewed from an infuser, there is still the non bleached tea bag coming to your rescue. Either way, you can have your tea and enjoy it.