Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty leaf tea is produced by the Mighty Leaf Tea Company, a Tea company founded in the United Kingdom. This company has a complete selection of teas and tea products and is a truly one stop tea source for all tea lovers, everywhere. Mighty leaf has more specialty and gourmet tea blends then I have ever seen in one spot and some are so unusual and flavorable that I can?t seem to get up the interest to shop anywhere else.

Mighty Leaf Tea offers a wide selection of both loose leaf and bagged teas. While I don?t usually recommend bagged tea Mighty Leaf actually comes across with some decent bagged teas. Usually bagged teas are the left over teas from the production process and do not really measure up. Mighty Leaf seems to use a higher quality tea in it?s bags. They are definitely worth checking out and are available in both 15 and 100 boxes so you don't have to commit yourself to a large expense before deciding whether it is for you. The tea bags are made out of very high quality silk which is known for it?s ability to expand better during the steeping and allow the pouch to swell up better.

Some of the different types of teas available from Mighty Leaf Tea Company are as follows. The first is the pure organic Darjeeling tea. This tea has no additions allowing you to get the most flavors possible. Earl Grey is also available in an organic.

Two teas that have a strong tropical flavor are the green tropical and the Chamomile Citrus. The green tropical has a very strong green taste and the hint of pineapple gives it a strong, sweet, fruity taste that has to be savored to be fully appreciated. The Chamomile Citrus adds just a touch of lemon and orange which enhance the flavor without hiding the flavors of chamomile and hibiscus.

White Orchard has a peach flavor and Rainforest Mate, while not a true tea, but a herbal mix is combined with licorice and anise. Orange Dulce is a black tea mixed with orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms and African Nectar is a red sweet rooibos tea flavored with fruit.