Mighty Leaf Tea Company

The Mighty Leaf Tea Company is a San Rafael, California based specialty tea manufacturer and distributor firm. The company was instated keeping in mind the one and only purpose, which was to infuse life into the indulgence of the ancient times, by coming up with tea products, which scaled newer heights of both innovation and quality.

Renowned for the pioneering of the whole leaf tea pouch that is filled with tealeaves that are whole, fruits and herbs, the Mighty Leaf Tea Company was co - founded by wife and husband - Jill Portman and Gary Shinner, in the year 2000. The early roots of Mighty Leaf Teas, however, sprouted in 1996 itself, when the couple started their teahouse in San Francisco's Fillmore Street, thanks to their shared passion and a dream they envisioned.

Today, the passion of the company continues to be in creating highly incredible handcrafted blends of tea found nowhere else in the world, and in globally sourcing the most refined ingredients that are available. The specially handcrafted tea pouches made by the company are tailored to let loose and release the essence of the superior quality that is characteristic of Mighty Leaf Teas. Supporting the innovation and quality of the company is the promise they make to reach the greatest level of excellence that can ever be reached in customer service, in serving the finest tea products available.

The Mighty Tea Leaf Company's signature blends with whole leaves come enveloped in silken and biodegradable tea pouches that are award winning. The eco-friendly pouches that are tailored for the tea are made out of unbleached cotton and without the use of any kinds of glues or staples. Thus, Mighty Leaf Company's unique design brings together the simple-to-use, user-friendly functionality of the traditional bags of tea and the supreme quality of loose tea.

Apart from their whole leaf tea pouches, the Mighty Leaf Tea Company also puts out for sale loose-leaf tea through retail, foodservice, grocery and retail website channels. The company produces and markets a great variety of tea products, which include black tea, oolong tea, white tea, green tea, organic, herbal teas, etc. Apart from tea products, the company also markets gifts, tea ware and spa and wellness products.

The Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast tea was declared as the "best, plain black tea" by the Cooks Illustrated magazine in the year 2007. Post this achievement, and as always, aaiming to reach the greatest standards of quality, the Mighty Leaf Tea Company consistently undergoes creative innovation.