Miniature China Tea Sets

There is something about sipping your tea from miniature china tea sets that conjures up an image of sophistication and cultured upbringing. I don't know about you but to me, the cup you sip your tea from says a lot about your personality. It could say classy cultured upbringing, sophistication and elegance or the exact opposite. It even makes the tea taste better. Tea lovers and enthusiasts know the feeling I'm talking about. You see, if you invite a posse of ladies to your home every now and then and take tea from these cute little things, there is something about the setting, their compliments that will make the it all the more sweeter than grabbing some mugs from your kitchen cupboard and serving in them. It could be the once in a month book club meeting or some old friends passing by your home on Sunday afternoon. Collecting china tea sets can be one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can take up and even if you are not going to use them in your lifetime. It is more than satisfactory to look at them every day and feel good about having them in your possession.

Don't think of this as an expensive hobby; there are some sets for each and every kind of budget. You can even get some of these from a yard sale for as little as a quarter or from a shop for as much as $200. China tea sets come in all shades, colors and patterns and you can feed your eyes in the internet sales that are done by the manufactures of china tea sets. Once you have many of these, you can find time and sit down to a lovely cup of tea in a fall afternoon and talk with a few friends. You can specialize in collecting some old fashioned china and placing them in your cupboards for decorative purposes.

One thing about china sets that people tend to overlook is the convenience in their usage. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher friendly. They will last long if carefully handled. They tend to be heavier than other materials and need to be handled carefully. You can destroy expensive china simply by drooping them at a height. Serving tea in china tea cups will have you hooked for a very long time...try it one of these fine days and rekindle the past.