Miniature Tea Sets

Tea sets come in different designs and shapes. There is usually no limit to just how imaginative one can get with the designs. For regular use tea sets, the local store is a fine place to look. However, there are rarer tea sets which are often collected, and not so much for everyday use. Miniature tea sets are fine examples. They are not what you would ordinarily find in your kitchen cabinet. They are very common with little girls who like having friends over for tea parties. They are great additions to doll houses. Some people collect the tea sets for fun since some can fetch quite a price on the market.

Miniature tea sets are usually made from porcelain, unless otherwise specified by a buyer. Porcelain is relatively inexpensive. Granted, the design may have a greater say on just what the pricing may be, but generally speaking, it's the most convenient material to use. It does not break or chip easily, and is highly durable. It does not stain either, which makes it ideal for use with any kind of flavored tea with deep color.

When it comes to the designs of miniature tea sets, the options are endless. In the natural, a regular miniature tea set should have a teapot, two cups at the very least, saucers and a tray. Some have four cups and a sugar bowl. For most sets, a carrying basket is included for portability. This comes in handy when the tea party is in the outdoors. Flowery designs are the most common. Others, especially the tea pots have very unique shapes which make them even more expensive.

Miniature tea sets are very easy to find. If they are for the kids, most toy stores have them for relatively affordable prices. Collectible sets are found in antique shops, both land-based and online. The price determinants include the age of the tea set itself. If it has a couple of decades in its porcelain, it will probably cost you more. Its rarity will also determine its price, together with the uniqueness and detail of the design will also increase its overall price. On the average, a miniature tea set costs $10 on the average. Higher valued once may reach the $50 mark.

Besides being good for tea parties and being collectible, miniature tea sets make great gifts. For someone who appreciates a regular cup of tea, a miniature tea set may qualify as a well thought-out gift.