Natural Herbal Tea

Tea grows best in higher altitudes. Tea plants love warm days, foggy mornings, and plenty of rain. To make harvesting better tea bushes are cut and not allowed to grow tall. The Fresh taste of natural herbal tea is very satisfying and enjoyable. A compliment to your good morning and provide the required relaxation of the mental nerves in the evening. Natural herbal tea is fresh, longer lasting and unlike conventional tea not packed in mass manufactured tea bags. Natural Herbal tea can be made of composite of fresh or dried flowers, leaves and seeds or roots. The best method of preparation is by pouring boiling water over the parts of the plants and letting them soak for few minutes. To derive the most of the herbs, harvesting is done early in the day, before the season ends and before frost sets. The perfect climate is in the cool of the mornings. The dew has dried but the herbs still blooming from it. At this stage the active ingredients in the herbs are at their peak. Care should be taken not to tear/crush them for storing. The essential oils and other beneficial stuff will get wasted. Lemon Basil, Chamomile, Fennel, Mint, Rosemary, Lavender are wonderful herbs for making natural herbal tea. Herbal tea is never subjected to pesticide residues and other harmful chemicals. Herbal greens teas are grown, harvested and processed giving attention on increasing and preserving all the natural benefits. Certified organic ingredients are used for cultivation and when organic materials are not available, wild harvested herbs are carefully selected. They are also usually grown and harvested in the shade. It is also hand harvested to get the best quality. In today's dynamic economies, tea is considered second only to water. Tea is the most frequently consumed drink across the world. All types of teas have antioxidant properties due to the polyphenols present. The natural herbal tea is grown across the world and has gained popularity because of the medicinal properties. They are also known by various names across the world. It is called Macha in Japan and Anji in china. There are various blends available to suit every taste. The herbal tea is a drinker's delight. It can be produced with right mixture of herbs and spices for drinking enjoyment. The combination of the herbs in the right mix will determine how the tea would taste and smell.