Nettle Herbal Tea

The stinging nettle is one of the dreadful plants that anybody wishes they never come across. The reason for this is the thorn coated leaves that give a painful itch once it comes in contact with the skin. It flourishes well in uninhabited areas which tend to have cool climates. Of what importance is this plant?

Despite this negative ideology, the nettle plant has a great significance in the beverage industry. You must be wondering how you will collect it let alone making a harmless concoction out of this poisonous plant. The collection can be made using leather gloves and are picked in small bits and pieces to avoid scratching your face or other parts of the body. The attributes of its toxic components are eliminated through a series of steps. First the leaves are boiled then let out to dry and there you have your leaves safe even from the stings. Similarly you can obtain it through an order from your grocery supplier though chances are that you will not find it since it is not a common venture.

One good reason to dare getting stings from the plant is to make beverages. Nettle herbal tea is a product that can be made out of well prepared nettle leaves. The use of its leaves in tea production has been a necessity for dealing with excessive weight.

In its medicinal value it prides in the ability to effectively relieve asthmatic illnesses. The scope of study in its significance has yet to be fully realized since more and more developments are being made on its abilities. For example, treating enlarged prostrates. The nettle extracts can also be used in making hair cosmetics and body perfumes.

The following are some of the already known importance of nettle herbal tea:-

* Boosts immunity of your body

Generally herbal products are well famed to have supplementary nutrients that tops up on the body reserves to increase the defense mechanisms. Coughs and flu are some of the common ailments that are easily eradicated by indulging in nettle tea drinking habit.

* Facilitates water circulation through the system

Bloating can be quite a discomforting experience. To clear this vice from the body system, a cup of nettle herbal tea will do the trick. This will also rid the body from toxic fluids by enhancing the circulation of water through your body.

* Eases constipation

Generally, a simple cup will serve the purpose to alleviate constipation and thus recover the body to its normal functioning.