Noritake Tea Set

One of the neat and well designed tea sets you could find is the Noritake Tea Sets. It is the tea sets designed by the Japanese company known as Noritake Company that has a long history and reputation of in china making. It was well known for the hand painted chinaware. With the amazing long history of china making, there are currently known to have more than 400 different marks on the china produced by Noritake.

There are a lot of different styles and designs evolve around the Noritake chinaware and the Noritake Tea Sets. However, the value of the Noritake is greatly depended how many pieces were there in the set of the Noritake chinaware. In which, the higher number of pieces there is in a particular pattern and design, then the more valuable the set could be. Even so, the values will also depend on the popularity of the pattern and design, which the unpopular pattern and design tends to have little or no value.

The creation of Noritake Tea Sets was considered to be an extremely high level of technical skills. In which, the set will require four set of firing. The gloss ware would be at the first firing; the second firing was meant for the white glaze for the tea set; and then the third firing was when the decoration was done; the last firing, which is the fourth firing, was meant to burnished the gold designs around the handles, finials and rims of the tea sets.

The designs on the Noritake Tea Sets involved a lot of applications of the lithography under glaze, which are the styles that might be seen more on the fabrics. In fact those will be also b applied with the decoration on those tea sets. In fact, comparing with many of the western tea sets such that from England, Noritake designs stood out to be more traditional and stylish.

Indeed Noritake Tea Sets had made its name of one of the incredible designed tea sets in our history. Every pattern and design from the tea sets resembles a witness of each of the period throughout the history. They are indeed one of the incredible and meaningful collections to be kept. Not only so, the handmade design of the Noritake has also made it one of the amazing tea sets of all times, which is overflowing with the individuality despite of what it been through over the period of time.