Old Country Rose's Tea Set

Drinking tea, whether as an early morning cup or the usual daily evening cuppa is a ritual. Drinking tea has been an age-old concept and the way the tea is prepared served and consumed is an experience in itself. Serving tea in a tea set is the best and most dignified way of having tea given the rich history of the beverage and how it came about. Some people love to be served in a classic china tea set where they can sip their steaming cups as slowly as possible in the privacy of their backyard.

One piece of crockery, which most houses cannot do without, is an old country rose's tea set. This piece of cutlery is considered a classic and it is even treated as an heirloom passed on from generation to generation. Royal Albert has made this piece of timeless china from 1962. What makes it so enduring is the high quality of chine used in its making and also the serenity and classic look of the old country rose's pattern. This is a very general pattern and thus an old country rose's tea set will go with almost any other crockery in flower motifs.

This classic patter on the old country roses has been made for the last 40 years and it has seen the inside of the crockery and tea ware collection of mom and even grandma. Every household is bound to have an old country roses tea set if drinking the evening cup of tea is a family ritual especially where the entire family gets together to enjoy their cups of tea. The beautiful motifs of the red and yellow blossoms nestled between the green leaves are very appealing and it lends that English look to the entire design. As far as the patterns and the shapes are concerned, this design is manufactured in both the fluted as well as non-fluted versions.

You will find an old country roses tea set in any cookware or crockery store worth its name. It is a classic design, which will never go out of style, and it is an extremely safe bet because you are bound to have other floral pattern cutlery or crockery in your home. You can go ahead and buy this tea set without thinking twice of whether it will blend in with your other crockery.