Old Tea Sets

The service of tea is different from one culture to the other. Tea making is also different from one culture to the other. It is of great importance how well you serve your guests with tea; you cannot just brew the tea and dump it in front of your guests without setting the mood. Even if it is the best tea you have ever brewed, chances are high that your guests will not come back to your home for your tea. If you want to serve your tea simply, some cute saucers and a few spoons are enough. If you want to entertain them more, include some tongs for the sugar cubes, some napkins for the snacks, etc.

You want your guests to be having the best impression of your service or perhaps your class. We all love complements; no one will reject the complements for having cute little things. Just as making the tea is an art in itself, so is serving the tea in front of your guests. It is no wonder the Japanese tea ceremony has a whole section dedicated to the cutlery, where the guests and the host take time to admire the cutlery before them and ask questions about the art on the tea sets etc.

There are old tea sets for each and every tea culture in the world. Old tea sets include the ceramic tea sets which are the design wonders. Most ceramic tea pots come from the eastern cultures of the world: the Chinese and Japanese. They can be a unique addition for a home since the decorations that accompany these teapots are one of a kind and unique in a home. They are easy to wash, are relatively light and graceful.

The Japanese old tea sets are referred to as the tetsubin teapot. With this decade being all retro, there will be no better addition to your cupboard better than the tetsubin. The tetsubin of centuries ago was not as decorated as the current one. The makers of the Japanese tetsubin have realized the importance of preserving their heritage and giving it a facelift. The design is simple and a cool addition to a home. It is made of cast iron and can be used to brew tea directly, especially for the lovers of loose leaf tea. Try retro teapot look for yourself; even if it is not a real antique, it will get more than just a glance from curious faces.