One Person Teapot

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Now, when a person is living alone on a limited income, he tries to save two things--space and resources. There is no need for extra clutter lying about the house as things need to be quickly and easily put away when done, and he needs to make just enough for himself so that nothing is wasted. It is also necessary for him to keep something that would be useful everyday, and since he would most likely be working, there should be an adequate pick-me-up in the morning, to help him get started in the day. Most people drink coffee, but some people drink tea, and still do on leisurely occasions, but for those who have no one to share tea with and wish something convenient nevertheless; the one person teapot is invented.

The most notable feature of the one person teapot is its ability to be stacked. This is the identifying feature of the teapot, which has the pot (or as it would seen, like half a pot) on top, with the mug or cup attached to it below. The mug is detachable and just the right size for one person, while the small teapot will make just enough liquid for the cup in a single serving. After drinking, one can put the mug back under the pot and put the whole thing away (the pot, cup and its saucer both taking only the size and the space that a regular pot of tea would take) in a cupboard or shelf. It is convenient, a space saver, and satisfying. The best part about this is that even though the one-person tea cup usually looks ordinary--like a simple ceramic tea pot and cup combo with not much of a design--creators have been trying to make it prettier or more interesting, to make it nice enough to look like a prominent feature on display. The teapot can also be ornamental. Sometimes it is now painted in bright colors of domestic scenes or landscapes and sometimes bright flowers, making it also rather a collector's item.

This little tea pot and cup combo may seem silly to some people, as they might think that tea is meant to be shared with other people, but to the solo apartment person, it is quite the notable invention, both useful, attractive and prominent, something that even people who have more than one person to serve tea to might find cute.