Oolong China Tea

The Chinese say that there are three main categories of tea: Camellia sinensis (those are the oxidized teas), Green teas (also known as dried or unoxidized teas) and Oolong teas which are neither fully oxidized nor unoxidized. All sorts of teas which you can think of can be placed in one of those three categories! But you are probably wondering which teas are best?

Doubtfully, there is a question whose answer is so easy to be given. Of course the Oolong china teas are the best ones as they combine the great characteristics of the Camellia sinensis and Green teas. What is also very good about the oolong china tea is that it contains exactly as much as our bodies need. We can say that on average, a cup of oolong tea has around 100mg of caffeine which is two times less than the caffeine in Black tea for example.

Although the oolong china tea is not caffeine free, you should not worry about your kids as it will not do any harm! The caffeine is in such a small amount that it will not do anything else but make them energetic and cheerful. A cup of really good oolong tea is not only refreshing but tastes wonderful also. When you taste it, you will see that the oolong tea has nothing to do with the Black tea although a lot of people claim they are almost the same. That fact is just not true!

And there is another less-known fact which you may find interesting. Did you know that the oolong china tea is actually a mixture of two teas? Which are they? Can you guess? Those are the black tea and the green tea. And now you probably believe the people who claim that the oolong and black tea taste almost the same way. No, you should not! The strange thing is that when green tea and black tea are mixed, the mixture (which is the oolong tea) has nothing to do with the green or with the black tea.

As you already know that the oolong tea is probably the best one, you certainly would like to buy it and see whether it is really so good. However, you should know that you will have great difficulties finding it as it is usually offered only in oriental grocers. You should not worry about the money because it does not cost more than all other teas, which are of much poorer quality!