Oolong Green Tea

Oolong tea is a kind of traditional tea with Chinese origin. It is sometimes considered a hybrid between black and green tea, especially in terms of oxidation. It has however more relation to green tea than black though there are apparent differences between the oolong and the green varieties. The oolong tea leaves have two different methods of processing, though this hardly affects the taste. The first is the rolling of the oolong leaves into curls. The second method is pressing the leaves to form ball-like shapes. In the natural, oolong green tea is brewed to be strong. It's bitter, but with a sweet aftertaste.

Oolong green tea is green in color. There is the other type of oolong tea that is brewed to be black. With the oolong green tea, oxidation is only allowed to take place lightly, to about 30% to be precise. The fermentation period is shorter as well, until the desired strain of green is achieved. If allowed to carry on for longer, the oolong leaves turn brown and dark, giving forth to oolong black teas. This usually gives stronger oolong tea with more aftertastes. The flavor variations that can arise from adjustment in the oxidation and fermentation processes are numerous. Oolong green tea usually has stronger fragrance, while oolong green tea has stronger aftertastes.

Oolong green tea is classified according to grades, with the higher ones, being more expensive than the low grade teas. Variations are in the aromas and fragrances among other characteristics. The health benefits of oolong green tea are numerous. Some are common, and come with all types of teas, but with oolong, there is one that stands out. When it comes to aiding in weight loss, Oolong tea is the best kind. It accelerates the process of fat metabolism by a considerable percentage. That means that when you are out to loose the extra inches around your waist, you should add a couple of cups of oolong green tea to your diet. Other benefits include fighting of type2 diabetes, improving the function of the immune system, fighting of bacterial infections especially for the bacterial genus Streptococcus preventing eczema, preventing of certain kinds of cancers among others.

When it comes to the availability of oolong green tea, you can find it in tea bags, candy and tins. There are variations in the fineness of the leaves, which is where the difference in pricing is.