Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong tea is of many different varieties. There are several different types and flavours of oolong tea. The Bossa Nova is a mixture of hazelnut and vanilla flavours. The next is the China Fancy Oolong which is nothing but a concoction of summer fruit and cinnamon together. Another variety of the Oolong tea is the China Oolong Kwai Flower which includes the Osmanthus Blossoms combined with the balmy, woody Fujian Oolong.  Osmanthus Blossoms encompass a nectar or honey like peach flavour. The next variety is the Formosa Ming Xiang which is a high-quality drinking tea that is affluent amber in color with a smoky depth contrasted by sweet fruit flavours.

The next in the list of the Oolong teas are the Formosa Superior Taifu which is better known as the five color tea, which is infused manifold times and has an assortment of hues of brown ranging from beige to sienna. The other Oolong teas are the Orange Blossom Oolong which has a wonderful fruity orange floral flavour combined with woody Oolong with hints of leather and smoke. The last but not the least in the oolong tea variety is the Tangerine Vanilla Yogurt which is superbly tangy because of the tangerines combined with the full-bodied but smooth Oolong Tea.

The varied types of Oolong tea are all evidence to the claim that these oolong teas can actually assist in weight loss. The Oolong teas have been exploited all over the glob for precisely this reason. Women and men too are going crazy over the oolong variety of tea as they believe it will aid in shedding much of their accumulated weight and fat, if they drink the oolong tea regularly.

Oolong tea is said to have an increased capacity to burn off fat when compared to the green teas. The fat burning percentage is pegged at around one hundred and fifty seven percent more than the green tea variety. The bonus benefits of drinking oolong tea are it effect in reducing the cholesterol in the blood stream. It is a well known fact that cholesterol is highly dangerous, and the accumulation of the bad cholesterol in the lumen of the arteries and the valves of the heart can lead to serious complications like heart attacks and even strokes in the brain. These conditions are not only serious but also fatal many a times. Oolong tea helps in dissolving cholesterol too, thus keeping you safe from the bad effects.