Organic Black Tea

Organic black tea is a caffeinated drink that helps improve health and revives you in the morning. The natural antioxidants present in it helps fight radical cells which cause damage to the healthy normal cells of our body. It reduces the cholesterol level and protects the heart. It helps tame the artery disease and reverses endothelial dysfunctionality which causes heart disease.

Organic black tea leaves are picked from organic tea plants in India and Ceylon. The light flavor of this tea can be sweetened with sugar or honey after brewing it. Organic black tea is also available in various flavors; some of them are ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. The tea can be had hot or cold, the way you prefer. The tea comes in a pack of fifteen or twenty bags and is available at local grocery stores.

They not only make a cold refreshing drink during summers but also a hot drink during winters.

One should keep in mind that organic black tea not only helps to prevent some diseases but also helps to reverse some. Black tea does not enjoy so much recognition as green and white teas, in respect of its medicinal value, though many of the beneficial properties are similar. Not many people know that organic black tea comes from the same tea leaves as green and white teas; the only thing is that the harvesting and processing procedure is different.

Actually, when people around the world think of tea, they usually do about black tea, especially in England – it happens to be the most popular and widely drunk tea in the world. It also happens to be the base from which many common and regular used tea is sourced from, even the English tea.

The carmellia sinensis is an evergreen plant which is in the form of a shrub and is mainly grown in certain parts of China – it is grown in other countries also, but mainly in Asia. The process involves drying and fermenting, hence the leaves of this tea makes for a stronger tea. Since oxidization is involved – it is stronger than green or even oolong tea where less oxidizing is involved.

Organic black tea has a richer color, a stronger flavor of tea; hence it is suitable for people who really enjoy drinking tea. Most Westerners would prefer this flavor, no doubt, though this type of tea contains more caffeine. It is also used to blend with other plants and hence create different varieties to suit different palates.